At Workcircle we want to help you find the best and most relevant jobs for you, so we've partnered with several sites who can also send you job alerts by email.

When you register for an email alert with Workcircle, you also have the option for us to send your email address and search terms to our partners. They will register you for an email alert on their sites, and send you those alerts directly. Workcircle doesn't have any control over these email alerts, so if you want to change your alert or unsubscribe, just follow the links in the email alert.

If you don't want to receive email alerts from our partners when you sign up for a Workcircle email alert, just make sure the partner alert box is not ticked.

Our partners are:

  1. Search: U.S. World

  2. advanced | tipsPut a '+' before a keyword if you want that keyword to definitely appear in the results or a '-' for keywords you don't want to appear. For example, +sales -assistant. Alternatively, if you want results to match an exact keyword then put it in quotes, e.g. "sales manager".